Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coordinated Health Care Testimonies

By:  Tonya Williams, Employee Relations Specialist
School District of Janesville

Effective November 1, 2011, the District partnered with Coordinated Health Care (CHC) as a benefit enhancement for all of our insured staff.  This cost-savings measure is designed to save the District and our employees’ money in claims by eliminating redundant medical testing as well as help our staff navigate through a complex and fragmented medical system.  CHC is designed to assist our members with benefit questions, eligibility and claim issues.  CHC should always be your first point of contact for assistance needed with these questions.

Coordinated Health Care continues to provide exemplary service to our members in many different ways.  I have included two testimonies from current employees that have accessed services from CHC.  In order to respect the privacy of our employees’ healthcare, the testimonies featured are anonymous. 

“I just wanted to give you a note about the service my family received from Coordinated Health Care.  My daughter had a minor health issue this weekend and it was recommended by a friend that we contact our pediatrician on Monday.  When my husband contacted the doctor’s office our daughter’s pediatrician (who is her PCP) was not available.  CHC was really great with my husband letting him know that the on-call physician would be fine because he was not a specialist; therefore, my daughter would be covered under the PCP guidelines.  My husband has had difficulties dealing with insurance in the past and was pleasantly surprised with how helpful and easy this contact with Coordinated Health Care was.”    
-- School District of Janesville Employee

“Recently I was diagnosed with a medical condition that required significant medical treatment.  My first thought was to see if my insurance would be covering my medical expenses.  I talked to Tonya Williams, Employee Relations Specialist, and she contacted Coordinated Health Care.  In a very short time I was contacted by a case manager from CHC.

This individual asked if I would want to have her as my personal case manager while going through my medical journey.  She told me if I did then she would be working with me in many ways, but mainly to coordinate any of my heath care needs.  I saw no down side to the inquiry.  “Linda” became my personal case manager because of her kindness and caring demeanor.  She informed me she too had been through what I was about to undertake in treatment.  She was empathetic to not only my needs and situation but also asked questions about my children and my spouse and how they were handling the situation.  The first call ended with me feeling very confident in the services I was about to receive but also confident with CHC and the individual I would be working with.  I felt assured I would have someone in my corner when I needed them.

Linda and I have talked many times since the first conversation.  She has proved to me that our health benefit program in the School District of Janesville is in place to assist employees’ every need.

During times requiring significant medical treatment it is assuring to know there is one less worry.  I appreciate the benefit of having CHC to assist me, and I encourage others to make the first call that will assist you in the future.
--School District of Janesville Employee

Once again Coordinated Health Care is designed to assist our members that have questions or concerns relating to their benefits, eligibility and claims.  CHC should always be your first point of contact when addressing these concerns.  Their phone number is 877-550-3455.

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