Monday, September 10, 2012

Teaching Children How to Maintain Self-Esteem When Times Are Tough

Some of the most important lessons our children learn come from watching how we respond to difficult situations.  If we are cool and collected when times are tough, they will learn to respond in the same way.  
Manage stressful situations the way you would like your students/children to handle them.  This teaches them important strategies that they can apply in their own lives and also helps them build self-esteem.
1.      When facing an angry or negative person, remember that this person is probably facing other issues as well.  Chances are his/her actions have no bearing on you.
2.      If you caused the anger, take immediate steps to set things right.
3.      Teach your students/children that people often strike out those least able to defend themselves. 
A key component for success within relationships is to take total responsibility for what happens to us as individuals. Maintaining a child’s self esteem is one of the most important aspects of promoting health and happiness.

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