Monday, September 24, 2012

Talented and Gifted Services in the School District of Janesville

The mission of Pre-K – Grade 12 Talented and Gifted Education in the School District of Janesville is to recognize and meet the unique needs of talented and gifted students.  Students can be identified in one or more of the following areas:

Artistic students show high potential for significant contributions in the performing arts and/or visual arts.  The performing arts include acting, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument and composing.  The visual arts include drawing, painting, sculpting, and graphics.

Creative students tend to think in different ways.  They ask many questions and often challenge the teacher or the information in the textbook.  These students frequently offer a new and unique way to look at the information.

Students with leadership potential are excellent at organizing and influencing others to do things.  They tend to be independent and not afraid to take risks.

These students are extremely strong in one or two subjects, but may be average or even below average in the other subjects.  They have a "passion" for their strong areas beyond other students their age.

These students are extremely strong in all subjects.  They have advanced vocabularies and tend to be avid readers.  They tend to know a lot of information on a variety of topics.  Intellectually talented students tend to feel comfortable working alone and can work on projects for long periods of time.  They discuss complex topics well beyond other students their age. 

The nomination process can begin with a teacher, parent, or student by contacting the TAG Advocate at the school.  Multiple criteria are used to determine if identification is appropriate.  Services are then provided through individualized services, opportunities beyond the classroom, or regular classroom differentiation. 

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