Monday, September 17, 2012

Special Board of Education Meeting Survey Results

Last Thursday 9/6/12 the Board held a special meeting on Health Insurance Benefits at the ESC.  At the end of the meeting a survey was given to all invited members and the Board. Our insurance consultants, the Boyds, presented two options.  The questions on the survey, the mean score for each question and the overall mean are listed in the table below. 

The following list of people attended:
Bill Sodemann                                   
Karen Schulte
Kevin Murray                         
Keith Pennington
Peter Severson                                   
Carol Brunner
Karl Dommershausen             
Donna Stenner
David DiStefano                    
Jim Reif
Deb Schilling                         
Tom Buckman
Kristen Hesselbacher             
Angela Lynch
Scott Feldt                             
Robert Smiley
Mary Ann Kahl                      
Kim Ehrhardt
Tonya Williams                      
Barb Kelley
Steve Sperry                           
Yolanda Cargile
Audrey Fiore                          
Terri Rauscher
Jim Dulin                                
Charlie Brown
Mike Kuehne                         
Alison Bjoin
Synthia Taylor                        
Dave Parr
Brett Berg

The next meeting will be held on Sept 20, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. 

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