Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Our Employee Survey Results Told Us

By:  Tonya Williams, Employee Relations Specialist
School District of Janesville

In January 2012, the Employee Benefits Department designed a survey to explore the opinions of our staff on the District’s current health insurance plan, as well as attitudes regarding our current plan.

The Employee Benefits Department received 603 responses, and this is what they told us.  When employees were asked if they would like to have different medical plans to choose from—one being more expensive and providing added coverage, and another costing less and providing lesser benefits, 61 percent of respondents wanted to have this option while 39 percent of respondents would not be interested.  Employees were also asked if they would consider trading (giving up) some of their benefits in order to receive more money in their paycheck.  Only 35 percent of respondents said they would be interested, while 65 percent said no.

Many times when healthcare is discussed, the acronym “HMO” is thrown around.  An HMO is a Health Maintenance Organization.  In our community, both Dean and Mercy offer an HMO.  An HMO will offer highly discounted services, but patients have to use that specific HMO.  Our survey results indicated that 56 percent of respondents use Mercy, while 60 percent use Dean. 

After examining the 603 responses, 468 prefer a PPO versus HMO.  A “PPO” is a Preferred Provider Organization.  This allows patients flexibility to see physicians they choose in a specific network.  The common theme from survey comments is that SDJ employees are happy and like the flexibility they currently have to see a doctor of their choice within the network and they want to continue seeing that in their health insurance benefits.

The Employee Benefits Department extends its gratitude to our staff who responded to the January 2012 Benefits Survey.  In future blogs, I will continue to share more of these results.  In the meantime, employee feedback is helping the District as our healthcare plan is reviewed!    


  1. It is so important in this day and age for companies to have an employee rewards scheme in place not only to ensure that staff are content in their role but also to ensure that staff are willing to stay with the company until retirement and that they are not looking for positions with competitors. And healthcare is one of the most important if not the most important benefit that staff are looking for in a position with a company!

    Thanks for sharing the findings of your report!

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