Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Technology Cleaning Crew

Every summer, the School District of Janesville technology program cleans and repairs most technology equipment throughout the district.  We are focused on keeping our technology equipment operating at optimal levels for as long as possible.  Thorough summer cleanings assures that all pieces of technology are operational for the start of school, and extends the life of the equipment.
Each year, two teams of six staff clean and repair most technology devices, including computers, printers, large screen projectors, SmartBoards, etc.  This equipment is spread throughout 21 schools, in every classroom, and in all 88-computer labs.
The School District of Janesville would like to thank our summer cleaning crews for their dedication and hard work.  This year our staff included:  Annie Lobrano (crew 1 leader), Brenda McNichols, Theresa Gagg, Leann Paulos, Billie Jo Calkins, and Kristine Winchel (crew 2 leaders), Tina Pollard, Kim Vandenburg, Kelly Becker, and Theresa Amundson. 
The work is not easy and the days are often long and hot, and their schedule frequently changes due to summer school and staff trainings.  We thank them for their hard work and commitment to maintain and support our technology, preparing it for the start of school.  If you see them, please take a moment to thank our staff for all they do and have done.  With their dedicated service; our technology program is better prepared for the start of school.

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