Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thank You to the Insurance Learning Committee for Your Years of Service!

Guest Blogger: Tonya Williams, Employee Relations Specialist

There are many staff members and Board members from our district that need to be recognized for their service on the Insurance Learning Committee:  Tom Buckman, James Dulin, Terri Kanack, Jayne Schauer, David Parr, Lisa Peterson, Sharon Henning, Stacy Nemetz, Pete Grender, Keith Pennington, Kevin Murray, Karl Dommershausen, Donna Stenner, James Millard, Carol Brunner, Stephen Sperry and Karen Schulte.

This summer Boyd Consulting Group (BCG) worked with the district to evaluate our health insurance plan.  BCG recruited Professional Benefit Services (PBA) to take the place of UMR (previously known as Midwest Security before they merged with United Healthcare to become UMR) effective September 1, 2012.  This change does not affect the coverage of our insured members, and the district will realize an administrative fee savings of at least $438,000 due to the change in our third party administrator.

On September 6, 2012, a new health insurance structure will be proposed to staff and the Board to take effect July 1, 2013.  There will be a follow up meeting for the Board to consider approval of the Healthcare plan.

District Administration has been very cautious when making decisions regarding your healthcare.  The goal is to provide excellent healthcare coverage for you and your families while paying the high cost of healthcare.  Dr. Schulte and district administration reviewed feedback from the Employee Handbook Focus Groups that were organized in the spring of 2012, the Benefits Survey from January 2012, and feedback/suggestions generated from the Insurance Learning Committee.

For 2012-13 and thereafter, there will be Benefit Orientations scheduled throughout the year for staff that takes the place of the Insurance Learning Committee.  In previous years, the Insurance Learning Committee was used as an educational tool to teach staff about our benefit structure.  Committee members represented the teachers union, clerical union, custodial union, non-represented staff, Board members and members of administration.  Historically, the goal of the committee was to educate these respective groups about the benefits structure to help with negotiating union contracts, conveying changes to the health insurance plan to their respective groups, and addressing questions and concerns regarding our plan.

The district and the employee benefits department wants to extend our gratitude to the members of the Insurance Learning Committee.  Their knowledge surrounding our current benefit structure provided our staff a great resource, and their feedback and suggestions throughout the years helped shape our new healthcare plan structure.  In the meantime, I look forward to meeting staff throughout the year at my benefit orientation meetings.

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  1. Please be sure to include retirees in this process. Most retirees do not know about the blog giving important information on insurance. Probably most employees do not know that the blog is used to explain this information, either.


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