Monday, August 13, 2012

Stay in Touch When They Go to College

“Sending your almost-grown kid off to college is like being fired from a job you never wanted to lose and were very good at” says Sandy F. Wasserman, co-author of 133 Ways to Avoid Going Cuckoo When the Kids Fly the Nest. 
If your child is leaving home, you should know that you are still essential to his or her emotional (and financial) well-being.  You can still play a vital role and have a strong influence if you stay in touch.  Find times during the week when your son or daughter will be available for your telephone call.  Maybe it’s 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.  E-mail or texting is also a great way to stay connected.
As you get your student talking about school and his or her free-time activities, be careful not to say that he or she shouldn’t be doing whatever doesn’t sound good to you.  Wasserman reminds us that we should relate to our college-aged children as emerging adults.
The amount of connection parents have with their college kids also depends on the level of involvement they had in high school.  If parents weren’t involved in their children’s lives then, they can’t look forward to being involved with their kids now.

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