Monday, August 6, 2012

Love and Discipline Work Together

How many times have you heard a parent say, “I’m afraid to discipline my child for fear he/she will think I don’t love him/her”?
Discipline comes from the Latin words discere, meaning “to learn,” and discipulus, meaning “pupil.”  Discipline helps children know they are loved when they (the pupils) learn from an adult (the teacher) to make better choices about behavior and responsibility.  Through discipline, children learn that they have the power to decide how they will behave and whether or not they will succeed.  To a child, discipline says, “I care enough about you to teach you!”  Lack of discipline says, “I am worried about how you feel about me if I set limits, so you can do anything you like.”
Children who are undisciplined lack stability in their lives.  This leads them to have poor self-esteem: “Nobody cares enough about me to make me do what is right.”  It also creates a high level of anxiety: “There is no one to teach me right from wrong; what will I do?”
Love and discipline work together as a team.  Together they map out the pathway to success for our children.

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