Friday, August 24, 2012

Leadership Development Institute

To achieve results based on a clear vision and mission, leaders must be constantly and consistently trained through Leadership Development Institutes (LDI).  LDI develops the skills needed to drive student achievement and improve leadership performance.  This is accomplished through four to five LDI sessions per year which allows for “Hardwiring” of our mission and vision in the district.  It also provides the necessary professional development for change and sustainability for a healthy culture in the district that enables employees, students, parents and community members to be well informed, cared for and satisfied with positive outcomes.
Who attends LDI sessions? Participants include; District Superintendent, Directors, Principals, Assistant Principals, Managers, Coordinators and Program Support Teachers. School Board members are also invited to attend LDI sessions as this keeps them informed with district professional development throughout the year.
Each LDI session follows a prescribed agenda format that includes: District Pillars, time allotted for agenda items, content area to be presented and name of presenter. Agendas are aligned to the School District’s approved Board of Education goals.
Session agendas are designed, developed and implemented by the Superintendent and Directors and all sessions must be relevant, practical and focused on outcomes.
In summary, Leadership Development Institute (LDI) provides the tools and training school leaders need to accomplish the district goals (established by the Board of Education).  It provides leaders with a sense that they do have a purpose, their work is worthwhile and they are really making a difference as they serve in their respective roles.

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