Friday, August 31, 2012

Handbook Focus Group Discussion

Here is a portion of the transcripts from the handbook focus groups last spring.  I met with  6 different groups for  1-2 hours.  The information I gathered was very informative and I appreciated the time people spent telling me what was most important to them as we considered the Handbook.  I will post more transcript information to this site in future Blogs.  Since our first meeting on the Handbook is on Health Insurance benefits, I posted comments on this topic.
This represents information from two  focus  groups:
·         I think people are willing to pay a little more for the ability to have options.
·         People want a choice, not all employees live in Janesville, having the opportunity to go anywhere is beneficial.
·         Retirees need to be considered.
·         Offering a 1 + 1 plan instead of or in addition to a family plan.
·         A list of providers would be a good idea.  Open enrollment once a year and if you didn’t like your choice you can choose a different one next year.
·         Having part time employees get insurance would be huge.  Or at least make it affordable for the part time employees.
·         Stipend for staff who do not take insurance.
·         Insurance here is a huge draw for employees, and our family looked at it very carefully even though we don’t take it.
·         Also the option to opt out.
·         The point system is a good way to do it, lower premium, get a benefit from it.
·         Options to choose – vision, dental, “a la carte”.
·         Reward people who are in good health and stay in good health.
·         Keep insurance flexible so those who don’t live in Janesville can utilize health care in their own city.  Another component to retain employees.
·         Married couples within the district.  How is it working if they both get a family plan?
·         HRS’s, why can’t we use an annual physical?  Teachers don’t use the 100 pt scale.
·         You need to give the people the choice of where they want to doctor….It is a big concern for a lot of people.
·         It would be great if we could renew yearly, with the option to change between plans if needs change.
·         Choice is good.
·         This is a big component to attract and retain the best teachers.
·         Health insurance should be the same across the board for all employees.
·         There should be an incentive for not taking insurance.
·         Health Savings Account gives more options on the type of insurance you choose to use or purchase, would this help reduce costs?
·         We need to avoid discrimination.
·         I like the opportunity to have the choice of where I can go for health care.  If I make that choice and it means more money out of pocket then it should be the choice of the employee.
·         It is probably obvious to state, we don’t want to lose what we currently have for coverage.  We understand the cost of insurance and the new laws.  Can dental be looked at?  Not enough coverage.  We have an option for eye insurance.

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