Friday, July 6, 2012

Who Says Board Members Don’t Go the Extra “Quarter” of a Mile?

School Board member Scott Feldt was caught on camera participating in a summer school triathlon with son, Emilio and many other Dads and their children last Tuesday when temperatures hit a sweltering 100+ degrees.  The running portion of the triathlon was reduced from one mile to a quarter of a mile perhaps because of the heat and Scott was able to complete the race with celerity. 
This race called to mind the many times our Board members go the “extra mile” for the School District of Janesville.  Most community members know that every second and fourth Tuesday of the month Board members spend at least two hours participating in Board meetings.  What many do not realize are the numerous other meetings, connections with the superintendent and events that board members attend over and beyond the two regular Tuesday meetings.  Our Board members are gracious to us and lavish with their time.  Most have full time jobs and families: all have busy lives.  As we set the 2012-13 school year in motion let’s remember our School District of Janesville School Board and the sacrifices they have made for us to ensure a smooth operation of our District.

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