Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's Right in the School District of Janesville

The School District of Janesville is fortunate to have many students who are successful in both academic and extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities help students become well-rounded and prepared for future endeavors.  Extracurricular activities aid students in finding a niche and are a way to help them find others who are interested in similar groups, sports or organizations.

Congratulations to the following 2012 WIAA State qualifiers and the coaches who helped them reach this level of competition:

2012 WIAA State Boys' Golf Meet Qualifiers        

·         Ryne Clatworthy
·         Jordan Gagg
·         Nick Kyle
·         Nolan Moran
·         D.J. Mussey
·         Tommy White
·         Coach: Domanic Wiegel

·         Tayor Braun
·         Charlie Grafft
·         Peyton Graham
·         Johnathan Milner
·         Dustin Richards
·         Coach John Zimmerman
·         Coach Bob Eicher

2012 WIAA State Track and Field Qualifiers

·         Erik Albeck
·         Kyle Amundson
·         Shawn Bohler
·         Ashley Hartwig
·         Brad Money
·         Michael Money
·         Max Monson
·         Ben Ramsdell
·         Noah Seichter
·         Miranda Slaback
·         Trevor Steinke
·         Adam Vesterfelt
·         Coach Joe Dye
·         Coach Dave Lehmann
·         Coach John Brikowski
·         Coach Cathy Lehmann
·         Coach Dick Schuh
·         Coach Mike Smrekar

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