Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tips to Open the Lines of Communication

Good communication between teachers and parents is extremely important.  It not only helps the teacher, but also fosters better relationships between parents and students. The School District of Janesville is committed to giving all students the tools to be successful.  Here are seven tips that will benefit students, parents and district staff:

Call teachers about any problems your child may be having at school
Communication often solves problems before they get out of hand.
Be involved in your child’s education
Join the PTA or PTSA at your child’s school.  Come to parent teacher conferences.  Help with school events or trips.  Involvement is the key to your child’s education and future.
Encourage your child to read
Let your child know that reading can be fun and is a great way to learn more about life.
Ask your student how he/she is doing in school
Show you child that you care about his/her education.
Inform your child that rules set by the teacher will be backed by you as a parent
Teach your child that there will be rules throughout life and they must be followed.

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