Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Ways to Save Costs on Prescriptions

By Tonya Williams
Employee Relations Specialist

Regardless if it’s a maintenance drug you are taking regularly, or if it’s a one-time prescription you need filled, you can find ways to save out-of-pocket costs on prescriptions.  If you currently take a maintenance drug, you should consider enrolling in the District’s mail order prescription drug plan.  By enrolling in the mail order program, you will receive a 90-day (3 months) supply for the cost of two co-pays versus the three co-pays you would normally pay at the pharmacy.  Please go to to enroll online.

Example of the cost savings to you:

There are times you may just need a one-time prescription.  When you are at the doctor’s office, you can access Navitus’ (our prescription carrier)  website at  to find a drug on a lower tier.  As illustrated above, drugs on Tier One are $5.00; Tier Two are $15; and Tier Three are $30. This allows you and your doctor to find a drug that is cost-effective without compromising the quality of care you are seeking.

The third way you can save out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions is by using the District’s Flexible Spending Plan.  Flexible Spending allows a staff member to elect to deduct money from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis to pay for co-pays for medications and other medical services that may not be covered under your health plan.  (The open enrollment time period is November through December.)  If you are enrolled in the Flex Spending Plan, you simply submit your receipts to Diversified Benefits Services, to be reimbursed for the cost of your prescription co-pays.

I hope you find these ideas useful to help save you out-of-pocket costs, as well as save the District money.  If you have any questions regarding the District’s mail order service, the prescription formulary or the Flexible Spending Plan, contact Tonya Williams at 743-5021.

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