Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wisconsin Technology Initiative – Lighthouse Grant from John and Tashia Morgridge

The School District of Janesville has received a grant from the Wisconsin Technology Initiative, sponsored by philanthropists John and Tashia Morgridge. This $75,000  Lighthouse Grant adds interactive technologies in the Middle School Science and Project Lead the Way classrooms. The title of the Grant is Transforming STEM Achievement through Interactive Technologies and builds on a similar grant received last year from thesame foundation.  

“The district’s vision is to use interactive classroom technologies to prepare students for success in higher education and a globally competitive workforce. In order to be prepared for this globally competitive world, PreK-12 students need to comprehend what they read and hear, think critically and abstractly, collaborate with each other and experts in the field, problem solve, and communicate in a digital learning environment.

The grant not only makes possible the equipment, but provides for quality professional development. Since the summer of 2011
the Grant has made it possible for 252 teachers to complete Level 1 and Level 2 SMART Board and SMART Notebook training by SMART Certified trainers.  Additional training is being made possible this year as well, focusing on “SMART Notebook Content Creation,” August 16 and 24 at Parker High School.  This is an opportunity for all staff to delve deeper into creating engaging SMART Lessons that emphasize student interaction at the board. They will join the collaborative team of teachers from around the state who are sharing their files with colleagues in their same grade and discipline.

We are proud that the district’s vision is becoming a reality through the generosity of the Wisconsin Technology Initiative Grant and the visionary and supportive leadershipof the Board of Education, Directors, Principals, and Faculty.

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  1. I'm glad to hear about the grant.

    Is the school district planning on pursuing a grant from the recently-announced federal Teacher Incentive Fund, specifically targeting STEM education?

    Thank you.


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