Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Look What’s On!

The School District of Janesville has recently upgraded its broadcasting capabilities for Board of Education meetings, which are shown on Charter Cable channel 96 or 996 (HD).  Each BoE meeting has been broadcast live since the mid-80s, using the same camera and broadcasting equipment installed decades ago.  Technology has advanced tremendously since then, giving us flat-screen TVs, digital broadcasts, and high-resolution cameras. 
The new cameras give us the option for cleaner and clearer pictures, and better voice quality for everyone involved.  We are proud of this upgrade, and committed to everyone having access to view the BoE meetings.  As such, you can not only watch them live on Charter Cable, but are also able to watch school board meetings “on demand” through our District website.    
Take a moment to watch our recorded BoE meetings and let us know what you think of the improved picture and better sound quality.  Your feedback is welcome.

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