Friday, July 13, 2012

Hardwiring Culture

The Standards of Professional Behavior are behaviors that define our culture. We have all read them, many of us signed a paper saying we will uphold them; however, it is my desire for these standards to be hardwired for each employee who works for the School District of Janesville (SDJ). This would create a culture that would instill a sense of pride as each SDJ employee takes ownership of these actions, making them essential to their way of living and being in the workplace. 
To hardwire culture, it is crucial to look at the “why” and give our actions meaning.  The little and big actions we do, or do not do, impact our school communities. Each directly or indirectly impacts the students we teach or interact with in the halls, our coworkers, and the parents who enter our building. We want to ensure that the culture we are creating is one of Respect, Caring, Honesty, Cooperation and Responsibility.
Over the next weeks, I will be blogging Creating a Culture of….

These blogs will look at specific ways that we, as individuals and as a school district embracing each of our school communities, can continue to build a great culture for students to learn, teachers to teach, staff and administrators to work and parents to send their children with confidence.
I want to invite each of you into the conversation. I know that many of you have stories of your own success or the success of a coworker or staff member. We want this to be a forum where we not only discuss ways of creating this culture, but also celebrate the good work already being done.
I look forward to taking this journey with each of you, strengthening our skills together and encouraging one another to be a strong District founded on our Standards of Professional Behavior (SOPB).  Our SOPB were created with at least one representative from each union and employee group.

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