Monday, July 30, 2012

H-A-N-D-L-E Stress

It is important to note that although many of us experience stress on a regular basis, we may not all realize that stress can cause physical pain, injury, or sudden death.  To prevent the worst-case scenario, try to get a H-A-N-D-L-E on the origins of your stress and aim for solid improvement.
Here are some thought-provoking questions to help you assess the stress in your life.
H – Happiness.  Do you thrive in your position and welcome constant changes and challenges with a smile?
A – Attitude.  Do you hold a positive attitude concerning your current position in general, or are you possibly (even if mildly) depressed about the demands of your career?
N – Neutral.  Are you often indefinite, indifferent, “thrown for a loop” when pressured to make a final decision?
D – Demands.  Are you often asked to perform “above and beyond” what you feel your available time and professional ability will allow?
L – Lifestyle.  Do you exercise regularly, eat properly, and get enough sleep?
E – Environmental.  Do you have allergies and/or physical limitations?  Have you recently consulted a physician for a current evaluation, updated or adjusted medication, or added some kind of therapy?
Stress is a part of life.  We must learn to deal with it, but not necessarily alone.  Think about what stresses you.  Discuss your concerns with family members, close friends, and trusted physicians. 

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