Monday, July 23, 2012

Discipline is Teaching

Often, we think of discipline as punishment, but have we considered what it really means?  Discipline means to teach, instruct, demonstrate, and reinforce.
As adult role models (parents, teachers, grandparents, etc.) our role is to model the behavior we want in our students.  Are we loud at times, like when we want our students to be quiet either at home or in the classroom?  When we model the behavior we want, our students will unconsciously begin to behave that way.  They desire to please us with their behavior and actions. 
Another way to discipline is by getting the child’s complete attention.  Do we have eye contact?  Do we speak clearly and unemotionally?  Are our words easy to understand?  Do we give clear consequences for the behavior?
We must communicate clearly to get our students to follow our instructions and behave the way we desire.  Discipline doesn’t always have to be negative; in fact, discipline is a positive part of teaching.

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