Monday, July 16, 2012

Breaking the Sound Barrier

The School District of Janesville is committed to being a good neighbor to businesses and families.  It was brought to our attention, after the remodeling of Craig High School was completed in the Spring of 2009, that additional work needed to be finished. Included in this remodel was the addition of a new air conditioning/cooling mechanical area on the northeast side of the building. A result of the mechanical area was an increase in ambient sound.

To address the residents' concerns, officials from the School District of Janesville (SDJ) hired a contractor and a mechanical engineering company and completed several projects in an attempt to lessen the sound level coming from the mechanical equipment located at the northeast corner of Craig High School. Sound levels remained a concern to nearby residents after these projects were completed.

In response to their continued concerns, the SDJ initiated a study to research options/actions for reducing intrusive sound levels and to examine the cost required to make additional improvements regarding the sound levels coming from the mechanical equipment.

As a result of the study, the SDJ decided to take a more aggressive approach to reducing the sound emanating from the mechanical area and constructed a sound barrier wall. The SDJ agreed that this would be the most cost effective and direct way to eliminate the greatest amount of sound possible. This resulted in the construction of a sound barrier wall as recommended and quoted by O'Neill Engineering, Inc.

Since the installation of the sound barrier wall, early in May of 2011, the SDJ has received no citizen comments, questions or concerns about the sound level coming from the mechanical equipment located at the NE corner of Craig High School.

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