Friday, June 8, 2012

Turning Mirrors into Windows

Journalist Sydney J. Harris is quoted as saying, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  When you gaze into a mirror, the only things you see are your reflection and a limited area around you.  However, when you look out a window, the view can be almost endless. 
As the weather turns warm and the swimming pools begin to fill, we often reflect on the past school year and focus on our students who will be leaving us through graduation.  Our hope is that all of our departing students are prepared to chase their dreams and become positive leaders in our community, state and nation. 
The need for positive leadership is a practical part of everyday existence.  Without positives, hopelessness replaces hope.  None of us can live without happiness, satisfaction, or peace of mind if hope is denied.  Rather, we live oppressed by what we fail to try. We need to remind our graduates that although “failure is not an option”, it sometimes happens.  The way we respond is what matters most, not the original outcome. 
School District of Janesville graduates have been prepared by the best.  Teachers, administrators and support staff have collectively agreed to roll up their sleeves and go about their work in a serious and professional manner.  As a result, the majority of our students are challenged across a broad spectrum of classes and well-planned extracurricular activates.  This is made possible because of the staff’s collective work ethic and a belief that are students are capable; physically, emotionally, and intellectually of achievement levels much higher than might be expected elsewhere. 
Without an education, a person’s opportunity in life can be very narrow and limited.  However, the more education a person obtains, the more doors of opportunity will open.  Congratulations 2012 School District of Janesville graduates, like gazing out a window; your opportunities can be limitless.

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