Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Student Satisfaction Survey

The School District of Janesville, in an effort to gauge student’s perception regarding their academic experience, administered a Student Satisfaction Survey in December 2011 and January 2012.
In May 2011, the Strategic Planning Team decided it would be important to create student surveys for students in Prekindergarten through grade 12. The Strategic Planning Team hoped to obtain valuable data related to the student’s perception of their experiences in the School District of Janesville in the area of diversity, safety, academics, extra-curricular activities, and 21st Century Learning. There were two surveys created, as administration wanted to ensure the surveys were grade level appropriate for elementary and secondary students.
It is important to the School District of Janesville’s administration to understand and adequately meet the needs of students. The analysis of the student surveys will guide School Improvement Plans and Leader Evaluation Manager Goals throughout the district for administrators and all district staff.  From the district perspective, it is important to focus attention on meeting the academic and social/emotional needs of students. Just as the Employee and Parent Satisfaction results drive action plans of staff throughout the district, so will the results obtained from the Student Satisfaction survey. The data will be used to guide future strategic action planning, strengthen student retention initiatives, identify areas of strength within the district and provide an opportunity to track progress toward district goals.
District administration will work with building leaders to develop a deep understanding of the factors that impact student satisfaction--from the student's perspective. The Student Satisfaction Survey will be one tool district staff will utilize to continue to gain insight into the factors that influence the perspectives of our students.


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