Friday, June 29, 2012

Staff Satisfaction and Communication

In a recent staff satisfaction survey, our communication scores have skyrocketed! Employees feel more connected to the district, see the vision and mission as having been clearly shared and find the cabinet members and myself to be more approachable. I believe the rise in communication has been significantly impacted by the diligent work of our Public Information Specialist, Brett Berg, and marketing team, John Zimmerman, Scott Feldt, Sarah Van Berkum, Steve Huth, Sally Hannah-Downy, Steve Sperry and Brett Berg.  This past year, they have dedicated time to assisting the SDJ in exemplary communication.

Why does the School District of Janesville highly value strong communication?

It is our desire that all schools are well informed, so that there is greater transparency, accountability and our goals can be aligned. Through avenues such as the blog and weekly communication, Twitter, Facebook and our YouTube channel, we are able to develop a culture of transparency.  Not only are employees informed of what is happening in the district, but we are also able to communicate with the community and our stakeholders. We are able to share decisions that are being made, which eliminates ambiguity; acknowledge areas of success, which showcases the good work of our staff, and address concerns that surface, which helps to alleviate fear and uncertainty.

When a culture of transparency is evident, it allows for stronger accountability. Teachers and staff know the vision of our district, the efforts being made to live out that vision and what administrators are doing to achieve the districts vision. This creates a “no excuses” environment. We hold one another accountable to achieving great successes for our students.

Because of the importance I place on effective communication, I want to thank Brett Berg and the Marketing Team for their work in helping the School District of Janesville succeed.

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