Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congratulations Parker High School: Reaping in the Awards!

Janesville Parker High School Is Named Co-Winner Of The Big 8 Sportsmanship Award

Parker High School has been honored for the good sportsmanship displayed by student athletes, coaches and fans at the school's athletic events.  Parker was named a Co-Winner of the 2011-12 Big 8 Conference Sportsmanship Award along with Madison Memorial.

What is good sportsmanship?  Fair conduct, fair play, respect for others and graciousness in losing.  This honor is voted upon by the league's head coaches: the head coach in every sport casts a vote to determine the winner.  Janesville Parker scored first place in football, boys' soccer, hockey (Co-op with Janesville Craig) and baseball.
In addition, Craig High School tied for third place. This shows that Janesville has a great reputation for sportsmanship throughout the state, and is a credit to the students and staff for the way they have embraced the District's Character in Action traits of respect, responsibility, cooperation, honesty and caring.  I am so proud of our athletic directors, coaches and students at both high schools - Parker High School and Craig High School, first and third respectively, for being distinguished for good sportsmanship.  Congratulations for a job well done.

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