Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are You Carrying The Correct Health Insurance Card?

Effective November 1, 2011, the district partnered with Coordinated Health Care (CHC) as a benefit enhancement for all of our insured staff.   This cost-savings measure is designed to save the district and our employees money in claims by eliminating redundant medical testing, as well as help our staff navigate through a complex and often fragmented medical system.

Physicians should be reaching out to CHC to have specific medical tests/services pre-certified.  These tests/services include outpatient surgeries, MRIs, MRAs, PET scans, oncology care, home health care and services, Hospice care, organ and bone marrow transplants, speech therapy, physical and occupational therapies and dialysis.  Although we have good relationships wtih our medical providers, don't assume your provider has reached out to CHC; you are your best health insurance consumer!

Next time you go to a medical provider be sure to give them your Coordinated Health Care insurance card.  If you need a new card, please contact CHC at 1-877-550-3455 or go to


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