Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What’s Right in the School District of Janesville – Elementary School Style!

What’s Right in the School District of Janesville (SDJ) is a forum to recognize outstanding performances and achievements by SDJ employees, students and schools.  The most important factor in a student’s educational success is the quality of the teacher in the classroom.  Today’s blog is dedicated to some of the incredible teachers in our elementary schools!
Monroe Elementary School Works Together to Raise Student Achievement
The amount of collaboration going on at the elementary level is incredible.  Teams of teachers are working closely to discuss curriculum, students, and their needs.  Monroe grade 2 team members Jennifer Wagner, Pam Klementz, and Shelia Gorman are a perfect example of “What’s Right in the School District of Janesville!”

Harrison Elementary School Students Measure Up in Math
Math students from Eric Wahl’s math class joined the students in Tami Burke’s class for “Hands on Equations” instruction during the week before spring break.  “Hands on Equations” teaches students algebraic concepts in a very “hands on” manner.  37 out of 42 students were proficient or advanced on the “Hands On Equations” assessment!
Jefferson Elementary School has Rock ‘n’ Roll Gold
Over 220 parents attended “American Pop Forever, Five Decades of Rock ‘n’ Roll Gold”, organized by Music Teacher Evan Riley!  93 4th and 5th grade students performed a variety of songs from the 50’s, through the 90’s demonstrating their musical talent and range.  Jefferson Principal Kurt Krueger said Jefferson is proud of the excellent family support it regularly receives.
Van Buren Elementary School Second Grade Students Participate in Kite (CBA) Day
The entire 2nd grade had “Kite Day”, Monday, May 7.  Sheri Mullooly, Sarah Perry and Lisa Zimmerman looked at the May Reading CBA and took out the vocabulary and skills from it. They then created centers to cover the different skills from the CBA and used a kite theme to practice each individual skill. Amanda Mory, art teacher, also collaborated with 2nd grade and had students read and follow directions to create kites in Art class. She was willing to do this with the entire 2nd grade, even though only one section had art that day. Students were then given a kite along with the kites they made and had an opportunity to fly them outside. The wind wasn’t overly cooperative, but there sure were a lot of smiles “floating” around.

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