Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SmartBoards in Today’s Classrooms

The 21st Century Classroom looks nothing like the classroom you and I experienced.  Technology in the last ten years has transformed the classroom from a sit-n-get experience to a more interactive and engaging one. 
In the same way that old-fashioned CRT TVs gave way to the slim LCD flat panel televisions, chalkboards were replaced with whiteboards; and whiteboards are giving way to SmartBoards. 
SmartBoards are interactive whiteboards.  They are large (almost five feet wide), and allow for direct teacher or student input.  Many concepts come alive when they are displayed on one of these interactive boards.  You may remember struggling to understand Geometry in 9th grade.  Today, this technology tool helps many students “get it.”  One Edison Middle School student said, “It has showed me that math doesn’t have to be boring, and shown me how great math can be.”
We recently conducted a study of very young exceptional needs students and their use of SmartBoards.  The children’s participation in the activities improved from 15% to more than 75% whenever the SmartBoard was used as an instructional tool. While a SmartBoard isn’t the right tool for every moment of the day, it is an important technology tool in our work for high student achievement.   
The School District of Janesville is committed to offering students the best education possible.  If you haven’t visited a classroom recently, we extend you an offer to visit.  Come see how dedicated we are to high achievement, and see how we use technology as a part of that dedication to excellence.

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