Thursday, May 3, 2012

Smart Choices Lead to Future Celebrations

This time of year brings many reasons for our students to celebrate. There is Prom, the end of classes and, for the seniors, graduation. This is an exciting time of year, and we are glad to enjoy it alongside our students. With all of the upcoming celebrations, we want to remind the students of the dangers of underage drinking and driving drunk. Every year hundreds of student under the age of 21 die during the prom and graduation season in alcohol-related traffic fatalities nationwide.

All too often, the joy of prom season is overshadowed by tragedy. We want to prevent that. As a district, we would like to encourage parents to talk to their high school-age students about making safe and responsible decisions, especially during this time of year. In a recent poll 65% of students listed their parents as the largest influence in their decision not to illegally consume alcohol. As a mother, I understand that this can be a tough conversation to have with your son or daughter; however, it is a serious issue. It is important to show our children that we care for them and to encourage them to make wise decisions as they move forward as young adults. We can do this by having regular conversations with them and reminding them to stay safe and alcohol-free.

The students in the School District of Janesville have shown us the great things they can accomplish. We have many talented students, with potential to make a great impact on our community. We want to see that potential flourish, and so we urge the students - be responsible and make smart choices.

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