Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivation - Strategies and Ideas

Most of us find ourselves in situations that require us to motivate someone else.  Motivation comes in two flavors: positive and negative.  If you need to motivate someone in your life, here are a few general strategies and ideas that might help:
1.      Create a favorable environment and attitude for learning.  Try to capture the attention and curiosity of the person you intend to motivate.
2.      Incentives promote learning, so use them!  Incentives can be praise, privileges, or material rewards.
3.      Try to boost internal motivation, which does not need to be concretely rewarded.
4.      Sometimes you just have to wait until people are ready to learn.  Give them a little room, and then when you see they are ready, you can begin the program you have chosen to motivate them.
5.      Pay attention to how the information you are trying to get across to the learner is organized.  It can make a difference in whether the learner is motivated or not.
6.      When people are learning something new, they sometimes become anxious.  The person who is trying to motivate and teach should know this and be ready for it.  It will benefit the learner if you create an accepting and cushioned atmosphere in which he or she can take risks, fail, and come back to try again without fearing shame and ridicule.

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