Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Be a Homework Hero

Many parents encounter frustration when they attempt to help their children with homework.  Here are some great ideas to help reduce student/parental stress related to homework. 
Set up a Workable Homework Schedule
Study time should depend on your family’s schedule.  Decide, with your students, on a time for them to do homework.  Maintain the schedule as much as possible.
Encourage Students to Complete Class Work at School
Some students put off doing their work at school if they know they have the option to complete it at home.  If time is allowed during the school day to complete homework, students should take advantage of the opportunity to have the teacher available for questions.
Monitor Students While Completing Other Tasks
Keep an eye on the situation, but don’t encourage helplessness and dependency by always sitting with students as they study.  Homework is their obligation, and they should begin to take responsibility.
Check Completed Homework Assignments
Checking to make sure homework assignments are completed and accurate is extremely important.  Simply asking students if their homework is finished does not always ensure that it is.
Contact the Teacher with any Questions or Problems
If students do not understand a particular assignment, concept or process, the teacher should be made aware of the situation.  Parent/Teacher communication is vital to the success of students.


  1. Bravo. Well-stated and good ideas!

  2. Great start.Homework is very essential thing for everyone and especially for beginners because it provide practice and guidance for them.So that they will not face any kind of problem in future with higher section's topics.


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