Monday, April 23, 2012

The School District of Janesville Budget: For Your Eyes Only?

Although we are just in the opening stages of our long process of building the School District of Janesville's fiscal 2012-2013 operating budget, there is a question to address that the District frequently hears:
Are the District Budgets an open book and available for anyone to look at? 
The answer to that question is a simple yes.
There are many references in Chapter 65 of the Wisconsin statues that refer to the public display and availability of the annual operating budget. 
After a budget draft is prepared, the District will have a public hearing on that draft budget.  The hearing is to be posted in advance of the meeting and the amounts to be reviewed and discussed at the meeting are to be included in budgets which are placed in public locations and available for public inspection.  In our District, we place the budget documents in each of our school buildings, the Educational Services Center building and at the Hedberg Public Library.
This budget information is also posted on the District’s website.
After the budget is approved, the final budget information is available, upon request, only at the Educational Services Center building.   However, beginning with the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the final budget may be available on the website as well.
 The District operating budget is an open book and is available for anyone to look at.

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