Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Engage Assessment Helps Students Prepare for High School

In an effort to help students and parents better prepare for high school, each School District of Janesville eighth grade student took the Engage Assessment this year. The results of the Engage Survey were shared at February Parent-Teacher Conferences. The intent of the Engage Assessment is to have students self-assess those critical factors associated with their future success in both their middle and high school experiences.

The Engage Assessment is produced by the ACT College and Career Readiness System. Specifically, the Engage is designed to help predict academic performance and timely graduation from high school. It also provides a profile of students’ strengths and needs in ten areas, including family involvement, school safety climate and optimism. In addition, the Engage will provide schools with valuable insight about students’ academic self-confidence, social connection and ability to set meaningful goals.

Finally, the Engage will help to identify those students who are most at-risk of running into academic difficulty or even dropping out of college during their first year. Early intervention with these students (at the high school level) will focus on study skills, social activity, and academic self-confidence. Data from the Engage will also be an important tool for how the high schools reinvigorate the current ninth grade advisory program helping to make Advisory more student-centered and focused on the transition to high school. I believe the Engage Assessment will be another tool that will assist and support students in our district with one of the final steps in their journey with us—the high school years.

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