Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Celebrate National Library Week, April 8-14, 2012 and National School Library Month in April

In preparing for today’s blog, I took time to reflect on the importance of libraries in my life and in the lives of my children. My parents valued the freedom to read and I had an unquenchable thirst for learning. I was always asking them difficult questions that led to the local library. The librarians helped me find answers, and to see the world from different perspectives. I did the same with my children and now the same passions are growing in my grandchildren. Going to the library is top on their list of places they want to visit.

Our public and school libraries are fun places for adults and children alike. They provide for free expression of thought, intellectual growth and knowledge, and access to ideas and technology. The libraries’ programs play an essential role in our lives and our children’s’ futures. Both our public and school libraries are vibrant places for learning, reading, and gaining research and technology skills.

The libraries’ collections provide materials which reflect a broad range of ideas and beliefs of religious, social, political, historical and ethnic groups. We learn of their many contributions, who we are as Americans, along with our place in the world. We learn how our many rich cultures add to our appreciation of diversity and varied points of view. The wide variety of resources meets individual needs, varied interests, and reading levels.

Hedberg Public Library and the School District of Janesville’s library programs collaborate to keep literacy in the forefront. Visit them this month if you have not been there recently. See why libraries are our cultural and literary gems for you and your children.

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