Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tough Questions/Issues for the the Superintendent to Know.

The questions/issues for the Superintendent’s Blog on Thursdays “Tough Questions/Issues for the Superintendent to Know” come from a report Principals fill out called the Scouting Report.
Scouting reports are compiled from the rounding logs* principals keep. These reports provide important information about what is going on in a given department, grade level or school. They also help to answer questions that keep coming up and give kudos based on how well the department has done in a certain area. I receive these reports one per month from each building principal.

Two similar questions/issues came up for the month of February. They are both listed below.
Question: What will it be like once the contract expires and the handbook is in place?
Issue: There are concerns about the staff handbook. It could best be described as “awfulizing” or making everything worse than what the unknown reality will be.

I already have had several blogs about the state of the handbook and the process being used to put the Handbook together. What will the District look like once the Handbook in place? My hope is that the District will be an extraordinary place for students to learn. The students are our primary focus. The Handbook Design Committee has put guiding principles together that serve as the foundation for this to occur.
The School District of Janesville will recruit, retain and recognize high performing employees who embody the standards of integrity and accountability.
The School District of Janesville will commit to the continuous development, coaching and support of our employees.
The School District of Janesville will continue to adhere to strict standards of achievement and excellence.

As I have stated before there will be Employee Forums and Focus Groups where I will disseminate more information in the future.

* What is Rounding and how does it play out in a practical sense?
“Rounding is the consistent practice of asking specific questions of key stakeholders—leaders, employees, administrators, teachers, custodians, (all employee groups)—to obtain actionable information.

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