Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Are Principals Out Of The Building So Much?

Principals serve the school district in many capacities. We attempt to not have these individuals out of their respective buildings as much as we can.

Principals however are active participants in meetings both in district and within the community. When principals attend these meetings they represent not only their school (students, staff, and parents) but also the School District of Janesville.

Some meetings include: LDI (Leadership Development Institute) which assists our leaders in carrying out our districts mission and vision. These are generally bi monthly meetings. Another meeting principals are called upon to attend is monthly principal meetings which assist with specific directions from each Educational Services department. Each Director has the opportunity to provide principals with information that pertains to their specific department. Lastly, principals are involved with committee work which allows our leaders to share and assist with the use of their specific expertise in educational practice.

Principals need to have the tools, knowledge and up to date resources available to them to better serve the students, staff, and parents of the Janesville School District. Meetings are held with strong purpose and with an agenda that is laser focused in an attempt to manage building leader’s time efficiently and provide leaders with the necessary information to lead and direct a successful school.

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