Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011-12 First Quarter Reflection 11/30/11

Dear Staff,

We made a number of changes in the 2011-12 school year due to financial constraints. We have two elementary schools with a shared principal; we have one elementary school with a building coordinator and principal mentorship; we reduced our number of counselors, library media staff and learning support teachers. In spite of these cutbacks we are still able to produce some of the most amazingly performed musicals ever; we win awards; we continue to help students achieve at a high level and we, meaning all of you, continue to be a most amazing staff.

Please share with this blogging community what is working well for you this year and what kind of constraints you have experienced.

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  1. I am new to the district this year, and am the Innovation Specialist for both Parker and Craig. I have been very impressed by the people I work with, who have been very welcoming. They have come to me with great ideas, wanting to find activities that work for their student, that make learning come alive and be relevant to to today's learners. Although I know they are making do with less than before, I do not hear grumbling nor complaints about the constraints we now have. What I do hear is a spirit of bonding together to make it through, despite the challenges. I see teachers digging deep to make the educational experience great for students.

    Some of the constraints I see? Fewer teachers, having to do more with less. For example, there were four LMC staff laid off between the two high schools, and two were rehired to do the work of four. Renee and Karen do an amazing job, but they have limited time in their days. I was hired to pick up some of the slack left by two missing LMC staff, but at only 70%, and split between two schools, there is only so much that I can do.

    There is a lot of vision and talent here, and the right people are in place, but are stretched in too many directions right now, making it tough to do everything that they want to do. They really care that their students succeed. They make the call home, encourage, remediate, counsel, and love on all kids. They do things like donate food, clothing, and money for those who come from a less-than-stellar situation.

    Personally, if there were more of me to go around, I would like to train more teachers to get different technologies into students' hands. I would love to see them trained so they felt comfortable usIng these technologies each year on their own without needing support. I would love to set up a database of tutorials so teachers could learn things that would make them even more effective in their classrooms. I could spend time looking and applying for grant money that could improve student access to technology within the school, such as classroom sets of laptops or iPads.


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